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You will find answers to questions we get asked most often below. If you do not find what you are looking for or want to know more please do not hesitate to contact us to contactus@commercialge.co.uk

Is changing the supplier a difficult job?

If you follow the correct steps, then the suppliers are bound to transfer your supply to your chosen supplier. However, existing suppliers try all their best possible to keep their customer and give objections on transferring even for a negligible reason. We do our best to do everything as accurate as possible.

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Why do you need a copy of the invoice from our current supplier?

The invoice from your existing supplier will tell us your existing contract end date, the rates you are paying and meter details.

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I have an electricity and/or gas meter which I do not use, is it worth removing?

Removing the meter will save you from paying unnecessary daily Standing Charges. But if you need to use the meter in future, it will be hassle to re-install.

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I need a new meter installing but do not know where to start, can you help?

Yes, we can help you from the start to the finish installation of a meter. For more information please contact us to: contactus@s1000945259.websitehome.co.uk

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Who would manage our portfolio/accounts?

At Vision Energy we manage data to keep the contract renewal dates and other information of each and every contract of our client and contact our client in good time before to renew the contract. This saves our client from automatic renewal of their contract by the suppliers with expensive tariff. Our dedicated customer services team are fully equipped to give useful advice and assistance on your energy related problems. For more information please contact us to: contactus@s1000945259.websitehome.co.uk

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I am not interested to enter into a fixed termed contract, do you have alternative option?

Yes, we can offer both fixed and flexible term contracts with no end date. However, fixed terms contracts are about 40% cheaper than flexible term contracts. For more information please contact us to: contactus@s1000945259.websitehome.co.uk

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Can I change commercial supplier anytime in the year?

Except some Exceptional circumstances, you can only change your commercial supplier after the end of your existing contract. Again, in order to be allowed to switch supplier you will have to have given a termination notice to the existing supplier in the appropriate time-frame on the contract. For more information please contact us to:contactus@s1000945259.websitehome.co.uk

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Do I have to send in my termination notice?

Yes. No matter what type of commercial supply you have, you must always give the termination notice to the existing supplier in order to stop the existing supplier from rolling you onto out-of-contract rates. Alternatively we can serve termination notice on your behalf and follow it up to confirm its acceptance. However, we will need your permission to do so in the form of a letter of authority.

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Do I need to pay for your services?

We DO NOTcharge anything in terms of fee or commission from our customersfor our services. Our services are completely FREE. We receive a marginal commission from the suppliers when a supply goes live.

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